Jeff Zittrain

High Praise

What’s the Buzz?

“When one can play the guitar with an emotional intuition as naturally as Jeff can, it will be a journey to remember. He travels with an economy of motion. He accelerates with a philosophy of intent, not of flashy theatrics and fretboard somersaults. When you get to the end of the song, you remember the way you went and what you saw, not how shiny the car was that got you there…Jeff’s deep, soulful voice begs Johnny Cash to sit up and listen. Louis Armstrong, the master of phrasing, would be proud.” 
– Mike Dakota, Berkeley Express

“Artfully juxtaposes a cool 60’s vibe with a modern-day sensibility…full of startling guitar work…the band jams with intensity and vision”
– Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine

…weaves a fulfilling sonic tapestry of unsheltered emotion and instrumental prowess…” 
 Lindsay Planer, All Music Guide (4 Stars)

“Jeff Zittrain obviously is a true student of his instrument being able to take a song into his capable hands and transform it at will.”
– Mark Kramer, West Coast Performer Magazine

“…summoning up silt and twang in every improvisation… Extended jams evince a grooving virtuosity, but we equally dig on the shorter, sweeter moments as well, such as the humbler blues instrumental “1928 ‘Z’ Trane.” 
 Peter Dedman, Hear Music “Emerging Artists” Choice

“…the sound jumped out at me and gave me that tingling refreshing feeling I get every so often.”
– Andy Gadiel, Founder and CEO, Jambase

“A very dangerous group – they will school you in intellect AND musical badass-ness…”
– Andy Seok Hoon Park, Chabot Jazz 

“… like Pink Floyd covering John Prine”
 – Colin Gradek, Sound Engineer

“The music is always intimate – even when jamming, it feels personal” 
– Geoff Blackheart, Expressions Center for New Media

“Man, you play a very talented guitar! Impressed with everything and will be airing on my shows!”
-Eddie Russell, Outlaw for Peace Radio 

“Excellent guitar work – real lyricism and passion along with the testosterone”
Tamim Ansary, author “West of Kabul, East of New York”

“Good feel, high-level imagery and fine playing…Guitartastic!”
– Rob Ellen, Medicine Music, Scotland

“My new top 10 guitar band – a frickin’ 11 in my book!”
Mike Glendinning, Grunge Jazz guitar 

“The Z-Trane Band leapt way over the edge, no net, with a unique arrangement, and belted it out from the center of the song with great feeling…a lesson for all present in what can happen when musical prowess and heart coalesce”
-Joe Quirk, Caught in the Carousel Magazine 

“Wow, very impressive improv… your guitar playing is fantastic, I’d be honored to have you quote me on your reviews “
 –Trey, YouTube guitar guru/instructor

“Onward (I Suppose) fulfills the travelling troubadour tradition or the trope of the itinerant storyteller framed by Guthrie, Kerouac and Dylan atmospherically reiterated. Cool work.”
– Simon Warner, author “Text and Drugs and Rock ‘n’Roll: The Beats and Rock Culture”

“He sounds a lot like Lou Reed…if Lou Reed could sing”
 – Overheard during Jeff’s set at the Starry Plough Velvet Underground Tribute show